Wildlife Education



VISION To nurture the love of / for our wildlife & our planet amongst our youngsters through education, art, writing & other special projects 

MISSION To be an on-line hub / platform for teachers, schools & children's groups interested in wildlife education. To facilitate sharing of ideas & projects among wildlife educators. To support, advance & help promote ideas and projects so that wildlife education grows and becomes part of curriculum. To encourage exchange of goodwill among teachers & others interested in wildlife education. To provide support to educators, especially those starting or thinking about special projects/programs. To help parents / parent groups create informal activity chapters for wildlife education.

The Founding Team are:

ANN - Amateur photographer and author with a passion for wildlife in Zimbabwe. Africa. http://www.warnerwaters.org/

COLBY - Lives in New Mexico, USA; Lover of and Advocate for all Animals; Our future generations hold the key to preserving & conserving wildlife; Licensed Clinical Counselor for Children/Teens (Institute a lot of Art Therapy); former Consultant for Educational Professional Services.

DANIELA - Believes that education, especially of our youngsters, is key to conservation success. Former (adult) educator. Fine Arts background. Lives in Barrie, ON Canada. Associated with: WorldHeritageSpecies.org

WINNIE - Lives in Scotland, UK; retired; Loves children. Is an Advocate for animals and her aim is to spread awareness. Children are our future, we have to teach them well so they will follow in our footsteps.

===  Let's aspire to send a ripple of goodness throughout the world. === PLEASE NOTE: The aim of this group is to support wildlife education. We hope to get as many educators & children involved as possible. This page is essentially for them. Unfortunately we are not able to endorse any type of donation, sponsor or charity requests. We would hope that you will be respectful of this. 

Wildlife.net supports Wildlife Education and recommends this Group (for Teachers, Parents, Schools or Childrens Groups) Check Out KIDS LOVE WILDLIFE ​