Wildlife Education



VISION To nurture the love of / for our wildlife & our planet amongst our youngsters through education, art, writing & other special projects 

MISSION To be an on-line hub / platform for teachers, schools & children's groups interested in wildlife education. To facilitate sharing of ideas & projects among wildlife educators. To support, advance & help promote ideas and projects so that wildlife education grows and becomes part of curriculum. To encourage exchange of goodwill among teachers & others interested in wildlife education. To provide support to educators, especially those starting or thinking about special projects/programs. To help parents / parent groups create informal activity chapters for wildlife education.

The Founding Team are:

ANN - Amateur photographer and author with a passion for wildlife in Zimbabwe. Africa. http://www.warnerwaters.org/

COLBY - Lives in New Mexico, USA; Lover of and Advocate for all Animals; Our future generations hold the key to preserving & conserving wildlife; Licensed Clinical Counselor for Children/Teens (Institute a lot of Art Therapy); former Consultant for Educational Professional Services.

Wildlife.net supports Wildlife Education and recommends this Group (for Teachers, Parents, Schools or Childrens Groups) Check Out KIDS LOVE WILDLIFE ​