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About us

On 24th September 2015 two friends, Andrea and Stewart, were privileged to both photograph and hear Sir David Attenborough discuss his lifetimes work as a naturalist and broadcaster, and the changes in the natural world that he has witnessed including the impacts that we are having on not just wildlife, but on our Planet's resources and environment. We require somewhere to live, we need food, clean water is a necessity in our lives. 

​Arguably the most respected and globally informed naturalist since Charles Darwin personally wrote to us and this inspired us to do something to give a platform for those who shared our passion and love for wildlife and the natural world and for those who want to actually do something to make a difference, both to protect wildlife species and for the wider terrestrial and marine ecosystems and pollinators that we rely so much on in our own daily lives, whether we realise it or not.  was consequently born to help support anyone wanting to celebrate wildlife, inspire others and protect our natural environment and make that difference!

​We are really just hoping to encourage change, so if you want to do something to reduce the plastics littering our countries and oceans, for information on plastic clean-up events near you click here and why not get involved with Green People of the Earth who are providing practical solutions, education and workshops to plastic pollution if you have an idea about a sustainable initiative or if you want some ideas of how you can help wildlife and make a difference then we would like to hear from you! If you want some ideas, why not check out our 10 Suggestions